Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Fifth Month - October 9, 2007

Britton is now 4 months old. He is such a joy to be around. He is laughing and playing all the time. He's also starting to interact more with us.

Showing off his muscles!

Britton is rolling around all the time and also sat up by himself for a little bit. We actually caught that one on camera!
My grandmother, Oma Versteeg, Britton's greatgrandmother came for a visit. All us girls (and Britton) traveled to Knoxville/Gatlinburg for a couple of nights. It was great to get away! Britton was so excited to see Auntie Meghan!

Oma really loves her first great grandchild!

September 20, 2007 Reed and Britton met eachother for the first time. We have been praying for Reed since Abbey and Jeff found out and it was so good to finally meet him and hold him.

September 30, 2007 Reed and Britton both came to Sunday school with their mommy's today.