Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Road Again

We traveled back to Springfield today and the boys were not very happy to be leaving the beach.
They did travel very well all things considered. It is a long drive back though! Now we just have to plan our next vacation!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gulf Shores

Britton woke up ready to go to the beach. He pulled out his beach toys right away.
When we got to the beach, he decided to help me make a sand castle.
Reed decided to tear it down.

I blew up the beach ball and who knew how much fun they would have with it.
Reed just kept going!

After Brandon came back from running, he had to chase the ball and the boys.
Jeff decided to try the whole sand castle thing as well but Reed didn't like his either.
We got Britton into the water today and he loved it!
I didn't think we would be able to get him out.
Finally though he decided he wanted a snack. We were eating gold fish when the seagulls swarmed around us. I know they just wanted food but it was a little intimidating. Britton actually threw one down and a seagull flew straight for him!
Brandon, Britton and I ate at Desoto's Kitchen tonight; it was great! We've had a lot of fun this weekend as a family.

Britton has started playing this "ready, set, go" with Brandon. He crouches down and then runs to him when he says go. It sounds like he says "set" after Brandon says "ready".

We had planned to take some pictures as a family, but by the time we went out to the beach, not many people were out anymore.
I think we got some pretty good pictures anyway though.

This is the best picture we got of our family - we've really had a great time on vacation. We're going to try and go next year but hopefully we'll get Auntie Meghan or someone to join us - it's hard watching Britton everywhere in a new place. He wanted to get into everything!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day at the Beach

After we woke up and ate breakfast, we headed down to the beach.
Britton was so excited about the sand and his beach toys.
He was a little unsure about the ocean though. He loved looking at it, but actually going in was a different story.

I think he was the cutest boy on the beach!

After awhile, Reed and Jeff joined us for a few minutes. Britton tried to talk Reed out of the ocean but Reed wouldn't hear it.
Britton also loves to go outside on our balcony and just watch everyone.
I'm so glad he enjoys being outside as much as I do.
Tonight we went to eat at Lulu's - Jimmy Buffet's sister's restaurant. They have a big pit of sand right outside that Britton just loved. He didn't want to eat!

Friday, September 26, 2008

We Finally Made It!

The boys actually slept really well last night and until 8am this morning. Reed couldn't figure out why we were there though!
We drove for awhile and then stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel.
The boys were hungry! And so were we.

We played for awhile outside before we were ready to get back in the van and drive.
Britton has decided he loves to climb up and down things. He thinks he can step down places like a big person though and then often falls. Most of the time he'll hold our hand thankfully though.
The rest of the trip to Gulf Shores went pretty well. The boys slept for quite a bit of it thankfully.
We finally arrived at our hotel/condos and Britton was so glad to be out of the van.
He thought the ocean looked pretty cool.
He really liked watching the kites flying through the air.
After checking in, we decided to go down to the beach.
He loved the sand!

He was covered in sand and was so happy!
I know he ate at least 3 small handfuls of sand but he just kept smiling and playing.
After all the sand, he realized the ocean was there and wanted to make sure we all realized it as well.
The Lands are staying a little way down the beach from us with Abbey's family. We were able to meet them for a little while though.

I can't wait to see the boys playing tomorrow in the sand and ocean.
Britton even decided to venture close to the ocean.
Here are his little footprints in the sand.
Brandon and I were pretty hungry at this point and decided to find a place to eat.
We decided to go to Zeke's, only it was being renovated. So, we went to the bar and grill downstairs and ate outside at the dock.
It was gorgeous outside and the food was phenomenal. I'm now sitting outside just listening to the ocean. It's so nice to be on vacation!