Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight was Britton's first Halloween to really go out and trick or treat.
We started the night out by going to e-mama and e-dadda's house.
They had gotten Britton some really great books for Halloween.
After visiting with the family, we went trick or treating with some families in our neighborhood.
Each year they all go out in golf carts and visit families they know in our neighborhood.
Everyone was so excited when we would pull up and most of them had candy and treats waiting for all the kids.
In all, there were 8 golf carts carrying 8 different families.
I'm sure it was quite a sight to see us all going down the street.
Here is a picture of all the kids that went with us.
Britton absolutely loved going in the golf cart; we were really glad they asked us to go.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Brandon and I decided to carve pumpkins tonight but all Britton wanted to do was ride in his car!
Brandon did all the dirty work...
and Britton was pretty worried that daddy might hurt himself.
He wanted to make sure daddy knew what he was doing.
Britton decided to just be a silent observer.
He did want to make sure that he showed daddy what he was supposed to clean out!
Brandon worked really hard on his pumpkin.
This was my pumpkin....
just a standard, happy guy.
Brandon's was truly a work of art, although it is a little scary!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival

Tonight was the children's fall festival at our church.
I was really busy helping with the volunteers so Opa and Papa got to spend some time with Britton.
Laurie even came up to the festival for a little while. I haven't seen her in forever!
After eating, Britton hit the stairs. He absolutely loves crawling up them and running down the ramp. This was Reed and Britton last year...
this year they were a cowboy and Indian...
but they wouldn't sit long enough for a picture!
We thought Britton looked pretty cute in his outfit.
Papa just loved being able to spend time with him!
He even had a little drum and tomahawk but they didn't stay long with him.
He was so interested in watching and seeing everything and everyone else.
We had a great turnout tonight, over 200 kids and it wasn't even advertised!
By the end of the night, Britton was ready to go.
Our little baby seems to have grown into a little big boy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our New Dog

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend so we spent a lot of time outside. Britton loves his little car and sometimes it's actually hard to get him out of it and back inside.
I also wanted to show off our new dog. This stray had been wandering all around the neighborhood near us and finally showed up at our house. I called all the vets and animal control but no one had reported a dog like him missing. He stayed all weekend, I think it's because we have Savannah's food outside so he was eating it as well. By Tuesday of that week, Brandon and I decided we would just keep him. I was planning on taking him to the vet that afternoon.
When I got back from running errands, he was nowhere to be found. I called animal control and sure enough, they had picked him up. Someone had called the week before when he was wandering around and they had just gotten around to picking him up. He had to stay there for 5 days and then I went to adopt him.
I took him to the vet and he got fixed and was given all his shots. He's a really friendly dog and Britton absolutely loves him. I think it's because he's his size. We called him Lucky, since it was very lucky he showed up at our house. Lucky and Savannah get along really well, so now we have two dogs!
Also, a note from Britton to his friends - I miss you Ms Trina and Ms Brandy! Hope you're doing well!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch as a family today at Honeysuckle Hill Farms.

Britton loved the Kiddie Corn Maze.
The adult corn maze supposedly takes over an hour to complete so needless to say we didn't go through it!
We did go on the hay ride.
We met up with Jeff, Abbey and Reed and Britton was so excited to see his best friend!

After the hay ride, we went over to the pumpkin patch. Britton went straight for the largest pumpkin in the patch and tried to pick it up.
He finally found one more his size!

He was so excited to play with all the "balls!"

It was so hot outside so we didn't stay that long at all, we were all sweating, and it's October!

They did have a petting zoo that we visited as well. Britton wasn't sure what to make of the donkeys but Reed liked them.
He did like the turkeys and chickens.

I was a little worried that this one may bite him!
Finally we visited the little pigs, Britton thought they were really cool.

It was great to go to the pumpkin patch again this year. I'm just amazed at how quickly the time has flown by - here's a picture from last year!