Saturday, February 28, 2009

He's Growing Up!

Yesterday for lunch, we went out to eat at The Depot.
Reed and Britton loved watching the trains go past!
Then, last night, we bought a potty.
Now, we're not planning on potty training Britton yet, but...
he's starting to show so many signs of being ready. He says "shew" anytime he needs a diaper change, even if it's wet and hides when he goes to the bathroom.
I'm just not quite ready to tackle that battle yet though! But, we did decide to go ahead and buy a potty, set it out and let him play with it. He picked it out and had to carry the box through Babies R Us. The box was really heavy so it took us a really long time to make it to the checkout counter and then to the car. But, he got really upset anytime we tried to carry it for him!
We'll see, I'm sure it'll be months before we're really ready but it can't hurt to be prepared.
Lastly, I want to show you all Britton's new hiding spot. Yes, he is somewhere in this picture!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Zoo

Abbey and I took the boys to the zoo today.
It was a little colder than we thought but they enjoyed playing in the play area and seeing some animals.

A friend of Abbey's, Stacey, also met us there with her two boys. Cooper didn't know what to make of Britton.
They had on the same jacket and I think that was throwing him off. Cooper was being very protective of his baby brother.
Britton and Reed are playing so much better with each other now. It's so much fun to watch them!

After lunch, we stopped to see the monkeys.
and the meerkats
and then went inside to see the fish!

Last but not least, we stopped to see the ducks. The boys loved them!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hockey Night with Kris Versteeg and Taylor Swift!

The Chicago Blackhawks were in town to play the Nashville Predators.
Kris, #32, has been playing so well!
Kris scored the first assist so we were really proud of him.

Britton was really excited to watch his cousin play some hockey.
He even was put on the jumbo tron! Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of that though.
Candace and Eric came to the game, it was their first hockey game so they were pretty excited.
Courtney and Jordan,
Meghan and Rachel also were there!
Britton was just really amazed at everything.
After the game, we went downstairs to wait to say hi and bye to Kris. Taylor Swift came down there and Britton wanted to make sure that she saw him. "Don't I look cute enough mama?"
She signed his hockey ticket "I love Britton"
And even posed for a picture. Britton really wanted his pen back though so he's reaching for it. He knew that Kris still needed to sign his ticket as well!

Meghan brought a little fan club to see Kris.

Courtney actually broke her foot 2 days ago, so she's walking in a boot for 8 weeks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kris Comes to Visit

Kris was in Nashville to play against the Predators so he came over for supper. Britton was so excited!
We played balloon...
it was more hit mama in the head with the balloon and laugh...

and ball...

Kris would throw the ball and Britton would chase after it.
They played like that forever! Britton thought it was so funny.
We're hoping some of Kris' athleticism will rub off on Britton.

Family picture!