Friday, August 21, 2009

Papa's Birthday

Since we were gone for Papa's birthday, we had dinner together as a family after we got home.
Britton loves candles! If you notice Robert's new shirt, it says "Come to Papa!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Day of Vacation

Girl cousins!
We all went for breakfast this morning before we headed to the airport. After breakfast, a few of us decided to walk back.
I think Lindsay loved having some girls around!
We actually saw these dear as we were walking. There were four in all.
Then it was back to the airport and airplanes!
Of course Britton loved being catered too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Reunion Day 3

We all ate a good breakfast before starting our busy day.
While Oma and Papa played with Britton, almost all the cousins went ziplining!
Yes, I know you may be thinking a pregnant women ziplining! But I did ask my doctor and wore a parachute each time to slow me down.
It had started raining right before we went so we all had to wear rain bags!
Kris, Steph, Mitch and Brett were so excited!
Our first one was really small but enough to make sure we knew signals and how to brace ourselves to stop.

After our first little run, we took a chairlift up to the top! This is also a ski hill during the winter.
Each time, two people would race. Of course, since I was wearing a parachute each time, I lost each time!

Oma was so excited to be ziplining at 80 with all her grandkids (minus Jordan).

Courtney and I decided we would try to tape each other going down this one.
But she was much faster! Since I had a parachute on, I almost didn't make it to the end on this particular one! I actually did video it if you ever want to see it!

For our last one, it was a short trip, but the fastest. Lindsay and Steph (Mitch's girlfriend).
Meghan and Courtney.
Brett and Oma.
Mitch and Bryce.
Kris and Kurtis. Brandon and I were the last group and since Brandon didn't wear a parachute, he bottomed out at the bottom. That means he went all the way to the very end and slammed into the wall!
After ziplining, we took Britton on an alpine slide. This was Britton's first trip on a chairlift!

I took Britton down the first time and then he went with daddy. He loved it! And daddy went really fast!
"Agin, agin!"
This time, Brandon went so fast, he actually flipped on one of the turns. Luckily no one was hurt.
Steph and Lindsay were right behind them but luckily far enough back!
Britton was so exhausted after all the action.Then it was time for Oma's big birthday dinner.
Mitch, Steph and Lindsay.
Kurtis, Bryce and Brett.
When we got back to the lodge, there was a gorgeous sunset.
Throwing rocks,
and yelling at the ducks! Britton would yell "Come here duck!" so country. It was way too cute!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Reunion Day 2

While most people went whitewater rafting, some of us stayed at the lodge for some breakfast and then headed to the mountains.
Britton found this big bear outside a gift shop and loved it! It was way too expensive though!
After a drive and a snack, we headed out to a lake where Britton and Papa threw rocks!
Which one do I choose?
"dat one!"
For dinner, we all went to a great little Italian place.
Britton was getting a little tired of waiting, so Brandon took him outside to play.
This weekend is also Robert's birthday so tonight we celebrated it!
Dessert was good!
Trouble makers - Bryce and Kris!
After dinner, we got together to watch a DVD that Lindsay had put together with pictures of the family and Oma.