Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Britton really didn't like treat or treating very much. He is not a fan of strangers!
Oma and Papa decided to come along with us this time!

"Big spider get you!"

Carving Pumpkins

We decided to carve our pumpkins this morning.
Britton wasn't sure about all the yucky stuff!
He was very excited about helping mama carve a pumpkin!

Daddy did a cute little pumpkin again!

Look mama!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fourth Annual Halloween Party

Britton really wanted to be Spiderman, but wouldn't wear the costume so we decided on a hockey player!
We knew he would dress like Kris!
For our fourth annual Halloween party (at the fourth house), Brandon and I went as a housewife and milkman.
And no, I'm not that big yet!
Cooper was an adorable dog.
Mo won second place in the costume contest with a bunch of grapes.
Reed, the purple octopus.

Bill came in his college attire.
Abbey was a pregnant Catfish House worker.
Jeff was also a college student.
Candace - Roll Tide!
Jane, an aspiring Nashville country singer.

There was black glitter on the popcorn balls which made our mouths turn black!
The winners of the costume contest - Danny and Megan as nerds!
Uncle Bill even changed costumes for a minute into the Roadrunner.
Of course, the famous Chubby Bunny game.

Although Trace did a great job - he cheated!

I would say there was a tie between Mo and Brandon for the win this year.
Brandon with some of our seniors - Brandon and Trace.
Britton even tried out chubby bunny.
"Is that a cigarette in your mouth Trace?!"
Ashley, another one of our seniors also stopped by.

By the end of the night, Britton was body slamming Reed!
"Get off Britton!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun with Kris

The Blackhawks were in Nashville to play again so Kris came for a little visit! Britton even gave Kris a goodnight kiss!
Then it was time to watch them play!
For the first time, one of the players, Troy Brouwer, 22, threw us a puck (for Britton). Kris always throws us one before the game but Troy tapped on the glass and threw a puck too!
Kris started against the Predators!

Of course, Oma and Papa spoilt Britton (pizza, cotton candy, funnel cake, ice cream)
During the second period, Britton said his belly hurt. Mine would too after all that sugar!
Even though Kris played really well, the Blackhawks lost to the Preds.
Britton did make it on Chicago TV! Apparently it was when him and I were walking down the steps and they said "here's a little Versteeg fan!" Auntie Renita and Auntie Marilyn both saw it!