Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

We had some snow!
This morning we headed over to my parents house for Christmas.
Paityn was very excited! The shirt she has on is the same one that Britton wore his first Christmas.

Paityn was ready to open some presents.
Britton was the most excited though!

Then he got a drum!!!!
And Paityn got a piano.
He was beyond excited.
He's been playing drums with some of his kitchen stuff all weekend so this was perfect.
Silly daddy.
Jordan and Courtney.
Mo and Travis.
Oma and Papa.
Travis had gotten Brandon's name and Brandon had no idea what he had gotten him. He got spoilt! A smoothie king gift card made his day.
While the kids played,
Bronson slept. We had a great relaxing day!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

We headed to E-mama and E-daddy's for Christmas. Britton was very excited about his presents.
We got spoilt!
Britton got some great stuff for his kitchen.

Britton loved playing with his cousins. He did fall down the stairs, that's what the red mark on his face is from.
Despite all the presents, Britton made some make shift drums and played and played and played.
Grandmama also came by to see the kids.
The band! What a great day!

Christmas Morning

We've always read the Christmas story on Christmas morning but I knew that Britton would be super excited about Santa and thought he wouldn't really pay attention so we read it last night.
Santa's elves worked really hard and late on the kitchen.

Britton was so excited about the kitchen, that Santa had drank the coffee and eaten the cookies!
He played and played.
Paityn loved the cabinets.
Next we opened stockings. Britton was a little disappointed that Santa hadn't left me anything in my stocking. Brandon had put my gift under the tree.

Britton opened his other presents.
A mickey mouse shirt!!!
A hockey shirt!
Paityn kept trying to sneak up the stairs.
What a mess!
I made some muffins and then we just relaxed. What a great morning!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

This morning we started on some cookies for Santa.
Britton loves to help!
He even worked on cleaning up his mess.

We went out for lunch with Katie and then came home and finished. I think the cookies turned out pretty good!
Tonight we went to the Christmas Eve service and then headed to my parents house for dinner.

Britton wanted in the picture!

Britton was so excited to see presents and stockings.
Paityn loves baby Bronson.

Look mama!

My mom made an amazing book with the history of my Oma and Opa for us for Christmas. Love it!

Playing with his new cars in the fire station.

When we got home we headed outside to leave some reindeer food. It's snowing!
Oats for the reindeer to eat and glitter for them to see it.

We got our cookies and I asked Britton if we should leave Santa milk. He said no, he wanted to leave him some coffee!

Santa is going to be very excited about that.

We got ready for bed and ate some oranges. We love the little ones!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Cookie our elf.

See you next year!