Sunday, June 27, 2010

He's Swimming!

Tuesday - I love my happy little girl!
Britton had swimming lessons again today and although he didn't cry, he wasn't exactly excited. He didn't take a nap a school so he was exhausted and he really didn't want to put his face in the water but he listened really well. I can see an improvement already!
Wednesday - Britton really likes Miss Rachel even though she gets his face wet.
He was jumping in today and swimming to her and didn't even realize it!
Thursday - Paityn has started to show an interest in her toys.
Don't interrupt my play time mama!
Friday - Britton loves his baby sister so much. He is so good to her. This morning, when I was in the shower, he got her blanket and this little lion and "tucked" her in! She went right to sleep.
Thank you for my shirt Auntie Angela!
Britton did a great job swimming again today. He was practicing his blowfish and swimming all by himself!
He would jump in the pool off the diving board,
swim to Rachel,

and then all the way to the stairs by himself. By the end of the lesson, he was swimming across the entire pool to the other end all by himself! I'm so very proud of him!
Saturday - We had an extremely busy day. Britton went and had breakfast with Papa and mom and I went shopping for a little bit. While we were shopping, Paityn pooped and it went all over me. I heard her go and went to grab my bag when I heard a splat. I looked down and sure enough, it was all over me, her and the floor. She was just grinning at me the entire time! Never has that ever happened before! Luckily mom was with me, so she went and bought me a new shirt while I changed Paityn. We left the mall and then Brandon and I took Britton to see Toy Story 3. He liked the movie but didn't want to sit and watch it all. I ended up taking both kids out for a little while until he wanted to go back in. I think it'll be awhile before he'll really enjoy a movie!
We came home and while Brandon cleaned the garage, I cleaned downstairs. This was the storm that passed by our house!
The clouds looked amazing!
Then, Jordan, Courtney and Daniel, a friend of ours from Canada came for dinner. Daniel has been friends with Jordan since about 2 years old. His older brother and I were really close and his younger sister and Meghan were best friends. It was great to see him and spend some time together!
Britton loved Daniel!
Sunday - It's been way to hot mama!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Family and Fathers Day

Thursday - I love cuddling with her!
Friday - The weather has been so hot! We decided to go swimming for a little while. Paityn slept and we swam!
Britton was so sweet. He decided he wanted a snack so he went inside and brought out twizzlers. Then he made sure to share them!

We went out to eat for Jerry's birthday tonight.
He loves all his grandkids!
Saturday - We went over to mom and Robert's for a fathers day celebration. Paityn loved the warm pool.
Britton swam so good! He was even jumping in off the diving board.

Paityn spent some cuddle time with Travis, Meghan's boyfriend, while we swam.
Bre, Travis' daughter, was swimming really well with Britton. He loved playing with her.
This is part of Brandon's fathers day gift. It's Britton's hand prints, one of his footprints and Paityn's feet.
Sunday - Britton and I made a cake for fathers day.
He loves decorating!
And of course trying it out!
Happy fathers day daddy!
Monday - Britton started swimming lessons today. He did really well although he cried almost the entire time! He wanted out of the pool! I think it was just a new setting and a new person. Of course when he left he talked about learning how to swim and had to show me. I can't wait to see how well he does the rest of the week!
I remember when Britton was old enough to sit in this seat and now he's swimming!
She has gotten so big! When I picked her up today she heard my voice and started looking for me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Saturday - We were able to celebrate our seventh year anniversary at the Melting Pot!
I love that place and we have been able to celebrate every anniversary there!
Sunday - Paityn is such a happy baby! She smiles so much and just lights up when I talk to her and hold her.
I think she may be starting to teeth already, she is chewing everything! Britton cut his first tooth at 4 months so it may be coming!
After church we went over to my parents for lunch and Britton had to check out his watermelons.
He and Papa planted them and he loves to water them and see how much they have grown!
This is what Papa and Britton built!
Monday - We went over to eat at Jeff and Abbey's tonight. We were talking in the kitchen when we realized the boys had headed outside.
They decided to go running in the rain!
What a great memory!
Tuesday - Paityn laughed for the first time today! It was too cute! Britton was playing "swagger wagon" the Toyota commercial on my phone and she was "dancing" in my arms. She laughed and smiled! Melted my heart. She is also, as you can see, holding her head up so well when she is on her stomach!
Wednesday - The dump truck decided to made a huge pile of stuff in the playroom! It dumped numerous loads.
My happy baby loves sticking out her tongue!