Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday and Deacon Ordination

Saturday - We went out tonight with Brandon's family for his birthday.
He's turning 32 on Tuesday!
Paityn doesn't show her teeth very often but I finally got a picture!
Sunday - We celebrated at my parents house after church for Brandon's birthday.

Britton opened Brandon's gifts for him.
Success! I got both kids to sleep at the same time!
Brandon was ordained as a deacon tonight at church. Bruce Raley, spoke about Acts 6:1-6 and the relevance of the laying on of hands. It was an incredible service that had so much meaning. He stated that each of the deacons had had hands laid upon them and that if we were to trace it back, we could actually go back to the time of Jesus. What an amazing thought!
I had Paityn all dressed in a really cute dress, put on a new diaper and got both kids in the car. When I pulled up to the church and got the kids out, my mom informed me that Paityn had poop all on her dress! Of course, tonight of all nights! Luckily I did have one outfit in my bag!
We are really proud of Brandon and Britton was very excited about the ice cream social afterwards. We are truly so blessed by our family, friends and church!
Paityn did not know what to think of her new bathtub at first.
Then she got really excited!
We used the same type of bathtub with Britton! Such great memories.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Shower

Tuesday- Paityn is really trying to crawl!
Britton has been giving her some lessons.

" I'm holding her hand mama!"
Giving kisses.
" She's got my nose!"
Wednesday - Rain boots and a Toy Story shirt.

I got mud on my hands!" He was helping me pull weeds.
Friday - I was helping give a baby shower for my sister in law. Britton and I folded diapers for a diaper cake!
He loved helping me so much, we had to unroll the diapers twice so he could do it again and again.
I asked him to drink his milk and he asked why. I said to give you strong bones and he said "look mama, I am strong!"
I think our diaper cakes and food turned out well!
Britton helped me make everything! Cheese dip, salsa corn dip, bacon wraps and chocolate covered strawberries!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wednesday - I love naps with my little girl and boy!
Thursday - Britton and I went to Target today and bought this rubber ducky bathtub. Britton had the exact same one when he was an infant! Britton loved ridding his "boat"
Friday - We had a relaxing day at home during the day.
It's been a really busy week for Brandon, we really haven't seen him that much. He's been working on his gym till at least 9 every night.We took Britton to his first SHS football game tonight. It was packed! They won 27-0 against Greenbrier! When we finally made it in, Britton said "where is Kris?" We had to explain it was football! He said "they're hitting each other!" We had a great time before Brandon headed out to a lock-in with the youth. There were 55 youth and it went extremely well.
Saturday - While Brandon slept the day away, Britton and Paityn played with each other.
He was showing her all the toys.
Monday - It is finally starting to cool off a little. Brandon was working late again so the kids and I headed out for a walk.

I can't wait for fall!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Monday - Paityn has been so ready to eat real food, I'm just not ready for her to! She always tries and reaches for our food and has started to fuss when she's not eating at the same time we are.
It was time to start cereal! At first she wasn't quite sure,
but then she started grabbing for the spoon!
She still has that tongue thrust reflex so most everything ended back out but we'll keep trying!

Britton always tells her "you're still a baby, one day you can eat...." I'm thinking that day will be sooner than later!
After dinner, we took the dogs for a walk.
Britton loves walking Lucky!
Tuesday - Our little princess!

After work and naps for the kids, it was off to chick-fil-a for church bulletin night with Mo!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Surviving the Heat

Tuesday - I still love watching him sleep.
After naps we watched Frosty the Snowman and prayed for cooler weather.
We did play outside around 8pm but it was still 99 degrees!

Wednesday - We went swimming this morning, to church tonight and then played outside again! I can't wait for cooler weather so we can be outside more!
Friday - Brandon has been so busy this week that I've put the kids to bed almost every night by myself. It was good to spend a little time as a family tonight.
He had a boo boo on his leg and didn't want to get it wet.
Saturday - Britton and Papa often go to McDonalds on Saturday mornings for breakfast. When I went to pick him up, he had gotten a fishing pole and was fishing in the swimming pool!
He was doing extremely well! He could cast it across the entire pool!
Sunday - Britton loves to "match" shoes with me. When I got up this morning to get ready for church, I noticed how he had carefully placed his shoes in between mine last night. He wanted me to wear my flip flops so we could "match" again!