Thursday, September 30, 2010

Number 6

Monday - Tonight we went to eat with great Oma since she is leaving tomorrow.

Tuesday - I just hate that Paityn won't be able to wear all these adorable dresses anymore so even though it's cooling down, I'm letting her wear them one more time!
So mischievous.
Wednesday - Today we enjoyed some time with Abbey and the three boys!
Britton and Reed loved seeing how high they could swing.
Britton and Reed were sitting up there eating their popsicles and Britton turned around to Nash and said "you can sit here" and patted the seat. So sweet!
Paityn has really started crawling and can even sit up from laying down now. She loves going after all of Britton's toys!
Thursday - Britton was pretty excited to practice soccer again. I've realized he is probably the second youngest on the team so I'm really proud of how well he has done!
They got their jerseys tonight and he is so excited!
Number 6!
Listening to Coach Todd.
Then all the boys decided to lay down!
Yeah big brother!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Britton's First Soccer Game

Britton's first soccer game was at 11:30 today. My parents, Brandon's parents, great Oma and Courtney all came but I wasn't sure how Britton would do. I didn't even know if he would go out there since he had been a little timid at practice and there were so many people watching.
When it was their turn to get out there, he ran right out and lined up with the rest of his team to practice.
He kicked the ball and ran so hard!
I was beyond proud of him.
He listened to his coaches and did exactly what they asked of him.
Before the actual game, they prayed.
I love this picture because it kind of exhibits what they did all game! They would run, kick the ball, run away from the ball, and chase each other! You could tell which kids had played last year.
Britton and the rest of his team played their little hearts out.
He would look over at all of us to make sure we were watching and was just grinning ear to ear.
Paityn loved watching them run and play.
I know I told him at least 20 times today how proud I was of him (and anyone else who asked or was there!)
He made me so proud. He tried his hardest, played with a smile on his face and listened to what he needed to do.
They subbed the kids in and out of the game and this was near the end. I love how he just watched everyone playing when it was his turn to sit out.
I really don't believe his first game could've gone any better. He walked away with a smile on his face and the excitement in his voice. He talked about playing soccer all day today and wanted to play again tonight. I am so very proud of you Britton!

Youth Car Wash

We had a youth car wash this morning to benefit our youth ministry and the backpack program.
It was from 8-12 but we really didn't have that many cars at the beginning at all.
Ethan Fuqua tried to get some business....
Really for the first two hours, I think they washed maybe 4 cars.
Soon more youth showed up as well as cars!
At one point, they had 5 cars waiting to be washed! I think they did a great job and ended up raising $320.00. After the car wash, they headed to Nashville for food and Laser Quest. Brandon was exhausted when he came home!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day with Oma

This morning we headed over to mom and Robert's to play with great Oma for a little while. Britton loved doing puzzles.
I think great Oma has really enjoyed her time.
We brought dinner to Danny and Megan tonight. Baby Emma is a week and a half old and Britton thought she was adorable!
We went over to mom and Robert's for great Oma's birthday dinner.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sunday - Jeff and Abbey arrived home with their two sweet boys! This is Will. Nash was running around with Britton and Reed.
Monday - What a sleepy little girl!
And this was what Britton was doing while he was supposed to be asleep! None of this stuff was out or put together when I put him to bed.
Wednesday - Today I ventured out with the two kids for probably the biggest and most adventure I've done by myself. First we went and bought on cleats for soccer, shin guards and a ball. Then we headed to the mall to get a couple things done, another errand and out to eat. The kids did great!
Britton was so excited about his soccer shoes and had to wear them everywhere!
Thursday - Britton was very excited about soccer practice but I wasn't sure how it would go.
At first he was really happy and was running around.
Then he got in trouble for touching the ball! He wasn't too happy about that and wanted to take a break for awhile. When Reed came, he got back out there!
They were doing great but then they had to let go of hands and then of course Reed and Britton both got upset. They are both usually timid in new situations. Soon he was out there running and kicking again! He didn't want to leave. Saturdays game should be interesting!
We came home and great Oma came over. She played soccer with him again!
It was neat to watch them playing together.
Time for a picture! He didn't want to put the ball down.
Being silly.