Sunday, January 30, 2011

Build A Bear

Thursday - I love how much my kids laugh at and with each other.
Friday - It was a beautiful day! I worked this morning and then came home and we played outside.
Britton decided he wanted Paityn to ride in his jeep.
He was so gentle when she was in it and only drove slowly.
They even had some music playing and had to consult each other on what song to play.
Saturday - It was another beautiful day. Crazy weather after snow this week! We went on a couple walks and then shopping.
Sunday - They were having a special at Build A Bear on a love bug and since I'm going to do Paityn's birthday in ladybugs, we decided to go. Britton was going to make Paityn a love bug for her birthday.
She laughs the entire time he pushes her!

We've made a couple build a bears in Canada with my dad and he must have remembered doing them! He went and grabbed the heart and gave it a kiss! He also created a message for Paityn - it said "I love you Paityn!....I love you!......I love you, Happy birthday Paityn!"

Another kiss.
Stuffing the heart.
He washed it, clothed it and then named it!
Sally the Love Bug! I was so proud of him. He knew he was making it for Paityn and not one time did he ask for one for himself. He has such a gentle sweet spirit and is so kind hearted. Love my boy!
Bre made Bouncer the rabbit!
Our night owl Paityn is still wide awake! Eating an orange and dancing to the music.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day!

Look at me mama!
We woke up to another beautiful morning of snow!

Britton was ready to start the day! Paityn loves playing in the fridge and freezer!
Love my little boy!
After lunch we headed outside to play.

Britton tried the jeep but kept gettting stuck!
We also played a little soccer ball.

I pulled Britton around on a sled for awhile! I ran around and around; Britton even fell off once and face planted and still wanted to keep going.

What a great day with my kids!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Saturday - We had everyone over to our house for Emama's birthday.
The kids had a great time playing together!

Sunday - Such a happy girl! She is growing up so quickly.
Monday - We built a great track to play trains on!
I'nm going to get it mama!
She broke it mama!

Sad face! She was mad because I told her not to bite!Snap.Where's Britton? Look at me mama! Tuesday - I love my kids!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Britton took this picture! I thought he did a good job!
We took the kids to the cirus today.
We had gone last year with Britton but he wasn't too sure about it then. He really liked it this time!

Paityn thought it was pretty cool too!
We thought this was amazing. They started with four motorcycles,
then there were five,
and then a total of seven! It was crazy.

I tried taking a picture of Paityn and I but she was just mesmerized.
Then I tried again,
and again,

finally a good one!
Paiytn's first trip to the circus!