Sunday, March 27, 2011

Character Breakfast

Paityn can walk but knows she can crawl much faster and so crawls most of the time!
Over the past few days she has decided to walk a little more!
This morning we headed to the church for a character breakfast to support Relay for Life.
Britton was really excited but overwhelmed!

He loved Minnie though!

We love our youth!

I can fly!
Paityn was wondering what was going on!

I'm going to try and fly again!
Paityn loves her friend Sophie!Yes, Britton dressed himself. He loves his new ties, just like his friend Jackson :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Quiet Week

Sunday - It was a beautiful day so after lunch we went outside and played.

Bronson loves being outside as much as my kids!

Paityn wasn't quite sure about the sidewalk.

Monday - After school we went for a nice walk!
Britton also unloaded all of these rocks from his pockets.
Look mama!

Wednesday - Love this shirt!Friday - Good morning mama!
We were getting the costumes out for the character breakfast and Britton loved the shrek mask! We had a nice relaxing morning at home and then went to Franklin. We've talked and talked about swing sets but I told Brandon it was time to get one and he agreed. We decided to get a nice one that will last and also one that someone else will put together :) After dinner and the swing set, we headed to Cool Springs. We actually got Paityn's and Britton's Easter/wedding outfit and a dress for the ADPi 50th anniversary and Easter for myself! Success!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amazing Race

Paityn loves her chair! She goes and sits in it all the time.

She also loves kissing on her baby doll.
Today was really busy. We had a birthday party for Nash and then the Amazing Race with the youth. Britton loved playing with Reed!
For the Amazing Race we divided the kids up in teams and then had adult drivers and multiple tasks!
The kids started with eating a pint of ice cream!
They were pumped! Next they had to drive to the YMCA and one person from their team had to run the loop twice, then they had to frog jump over each other as a team. They were also given a task to spend $8 of their own money and buy as many drinks, cookies and chips as they could.
Next they came to our house and one person had to hullahoop for one minute or drink a two liter. They also got a task to fill two trash bags full of clothes to donate to Goodwill.
After our house, they went to the Pendley's house and had to find a marked flag on a toothpick in a field. They also got a task to collect 20 canned food items to donate.
Next was the Hogans house where they had to find a marked duck in the pool (there were 200 ducks :)
The final destination was my parents house. They got a piece of a puzzle and had to put the puzzle together. All other pieces were mixed together.
During the course of the race, they were also given two scripture verses to memorize and could get bonus minutes. Bonus minutes were also given for the items they bought.

Once the puzzle was finished they had to write a thank you note to their driver and then run to the finish line!
Down the hill as a team.

After everyone was finished we had a cook out.

It was the perfect day and I think everyone had a great time!