Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kings Island

Monday - The kids have loved having different people come over while I've been at work. I found this picture and Britton must have taken it when Shelby was over!
Wednesday - Time to clean.With my amazing cleaning crew!
Thursday - We left today to go to Kings Island with the youth group. Britton had a great time riding up on the bus and playing with Mitchell.Even Paityn warmed up to McLain!
We went to a place called the Web and played games,

and lazer tag.
Britton and Paityn loved the go-carts!
Friday - We headed over to Kings Island first thing in the morning.
I absolutely love these pictures! They were loving on each other and Britton was so excited!
We went on our first ride and had a blast.
Britton even rode a roller coaster!

Paityn and Britton rode these cars together so many times!
Look at Britton!

I absolutely loved the excitement in Britton's eyes. He had so much fun.
We took the family up the Eiffel tower.
It was really high up!
For lunch we met up with all the girls and relaxed in the air conditioning. It was hot out!

After lunch, we took a nice ride on a train and then rode a couple other small rides. I left with the kids and took them back to the hotel for naps while everyone stayed and had more fun. The kids took a 3 hour nap and then we drove around and got some dinner.
Paityn got a new doll and loves her! These dolls are handmade but extremely hard to get. Different doll makers have various upload times and the dolls sell out in seconds. I've tried for quite awhile to get a doll and finally did!
The kids were so excited that everyone was coming back! When everyone got back to the hotel, we all went swimming. Britton and Paityn had a blast! I took the guys out for ice cream and then enjoyed some quiet time with everyone.
Saturday - We started driving back and stopped in Louisville for some lunch. Of course we all had to get Starbucks!
We all had a great time!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday with the Family

I love my little boy who really isn't that little anymore. He has gotten so tall! At his four month check up last week, he was in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight. He said that he would be a few inches taller than 6 feet at this rate! He also got all his pre-K shots, four of them and did so well. There were a few tears but more for the finger prick than the shots!
Paityn is being more and more silly. Her and Britton are going to be trouble makers together! They laugh at each other all day long. She was in the 25th percentile for height and weight.
She loves to crinkle her nose and play peek a boo with everyone.
I say it all the time but Britton loves Paityn. I hear them in the morning talking to each other, he reads books to her, brings her things and always makes sure she has what she wants. I think he may spoil her more than we do!
They love reading books and read constantly throughout the day.
This morning during church, Brandon and I were in the toddler room. We just had Paityn and Cameron so it was pretty easy! They had a great time playing together.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sibling Love and Winnie the Pooh

Monday - Good morning world!
Tuesday - So today we traded in the Trailblazer for a Honda Civic. We had been talking and trying to figure out what to do. We owned the Trailblazer but it got only about 16 miles per gallon and with as much driving as Brandon is doing, it was costing us a fortune in gas. It also had over 107,000 miles on it, needed new tires, a new belt and had a check engine light coming on. So we decided although we didn't want another payment, it was the best decision. So we have a small car that gets great gas mileage and has a year warranty on it! We also figured if gas stays the same, we easily pay the payment with the difference in gas. If gas prices continue to rise we've saved money! So goodbye to the Trailblazer. It brought us many great memories - graduation from Vanderbilt, bringing both kids home, countless trips and fun!
Wednesday - Silly faces!
Giving some good tickles.
Friday - Today we went to Fugi's for lunch and then to see Winnie the Pooh.
That flame is bright and hot!
Winnie the Pooh was a great movie and I loved hearing Britton laugh and giggle through the entire thing!We came back to the church and Britton played some ball with Natalie,
While Paityn just got wet in the water!
Britton spent the night at my parents and Paityn just hung out with Brandon and I. It was a nice peaceful night at home!
Saturday - Brandon went door knocking with some of the youth and then they came over for lunch. We had a great time just hanging out!