Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy Week and Britton's First Goal!

Monday - So today was a really busy day. Brandon is getting ready to start building a house and knew that he would need a small truck to haul things, unfortunately, this meant we had to sell the van. It was a tough day letting this van go. I loved it!
Wednesday - Today we went out to eat with Courtney and Bronson for Oma's birthday. It was a blessing to spend it with her!
Thursday - Paityn has been praying. She will say "God.....and a bunch of words you can't understand...Ahme!" Love it!
Friday - Today I went out for dinner with Oma and great Oma. I love this picture! Then I headed over to the consignment sale and got some great deals!
Saturday - Today was the yard sale for youth missions so we were up super early. It was also time for Britton to play soccer so I headed over to the field when it was time.
Britton was so excited to play but once we got there he just wasn't sure.
Finally he warmed up and played so well!
He ran after the ball,
kicked it in for his team,
and scored!!!!! He stole the ball at the other end of the field and kicked it down and in the goal. I was so proud of him!
We went back to the yard sale to finish things up and clean up. It was a huge success! Tonight was great Oma's birthday party.
Mom cooked an excellent meal and it was a nice quieter time! I am exhausted.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Driving Home

Saturday - It was time to go home :( We packed up our stuff, ate some breakfast and hit the road.We stopped for a break at Peach Park and enjoyed some play time and peaches!
We made it back to Nashville and decided to eat at Cozymel's.
We had a great vacation!
Brandon said he was the most relaxed he has ever been. We are blessed!
Sunday - We had lunch with Meilyn and James and then Jackson came over to play with Britton. Busy day but a lot of fun. We missed the youth and were glad to see them again!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Destin Day 6

After the rain passed through yesterday, the ocean was so calm today! I was sitting outside this morning and saw a dolphin swimming along.

We ate breakfast and then headed to the Track for some fun. Since Paityn couldn't ride many of the rides, she enjoyed sitting on this one.

Britton was so excited to ride the fast cars like we had done with the youth.

Next was bumper boats.

They even sprayed water!

Brandon had put in money for Paityn to ride but she didn't like it so he didn't want to waste money! Next we went on the bumper cars.

Then the big track!

Finally the train!

Paityn was very excited to ride the choo choo. Britton was not as impressed after riding the fast cars.

It was actually pretty cool today at the beach.

You almost had to sit in the sun to stay warm!

Britton and great Oma enjoyed the quiet ocean; you could see straight to the bottom.

Paityn was quite adventurous today and headed to the ocean herself with her board.

After naps, we headed down the beach to the Back Porch.

We have had the best vacation.

We did try and take family picture tonight.....

Look at these shells mama! Paityn has gotten so vocal recently and is starting to understand so much and communicate back.

Four generations.

There were tons of jellyfish by the ocean and Britton saw a kid poke one and wanted to do it himself too!

We tried really hard to take a family picture.

The kids were very impressed with the slides outside the Back Porch.

Trying another time for a picture....

Paityn decided to eat the sand instead.

Can we do it??

Climbing the monkey bars.

Success finally!

Even Brandon tried the monkey bars.

He's such a kid at heart.

Trying to teach Papa. We headed back to the condo and caught some more crabs, Britton found three and I found one. Charlie did not make it through last night so hopefully these guys will! Hard to believe vacation is almost over, when can we come again??