Thursday, September 15, 2011

Destin Day 5

This morning the weather was beautiful!

The ocean was a little more rough but Britton rode the waves over and over. He's made it back to shore so many times on the waves! It's amazing to see how confident he has gotten on the board.

Paityn tried her first handfull of sand.

We all enjoyed some nice time in the sun/shade, listening to the ocean.

Britton didn't come in at all!

I noticed some rain drops falling on me and then all of a sudden it really started raining. It looked like it would clear pretty quickly so we all settled on the chairs.

While eating a snack, Britton decided to feed the birds.

This pigeon took the snack right from his hand!

When we finally decided to go in, it stopped raining so we swam a little in the pool! I was determined to get Britton to take a nap today since he was so tired and finally got him to sleep. He slept over 3 hours! Paityn enjoyed some time with great Oma on her little balcony.

Tonight we headed to the Tommy Bahama restaurant.

By far one of the best meals!

Brandon and I will definately eat there again.

Britton decided to take some great pictures again. I think the ones of Brandon and I this week have all been taken by him!

The restaurant had live entertainment so the kids danced a little.

We've had a great week!

Tonight, Britton, Brandon and I headed out to the beach to look for crabs. Britton found this small one all by himself. Charlie is a little small crab but Britton was so proud of himself!

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