Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meghan's Wedding

Saturday - Today was pretty relaxing. We had some family over, Courtney and I went and had our nails done and tonight we worked on wedding flowers!
Sunday - Britton was all ready for Mo's wedding.
We started this morning and all had our hair done at the Gallery and then headed to my parents to get ready.
Bre was so excited and had shared with me while she and I went to go get breakfast that she was looking forward to being normal, like the other kids. She was really looking forward to having a mommy and daddy. I explained that she was lucky because she got to be a part of their special day!
Britton was such a trooper and did so well!

I was really proud of him!

After getting ready and a few pictures we headed out to the wedding. It had been raining on and off all morning so we were really praying it would stop!
We got to ride in a limo to the site.
Britton was very excited to ride in the big car!

It drizzled throughout the wedding but was not bad at all! After the wedding, we tried to take a family picture....

we never got one with all of us looking really but we tried!

Paityn had only slept for a little bit so she was pretty tired.

Britton was such a gentleman and wanted to hold the umbrella for me!

One more try!

The reception was at the SDA school and Brandon was the MC.

He did a great job!
Paityn enjoyed the cake.

Brandon and Britton enjoyed dancing with each other.

It was a great day filled with many special memories. Meghan was a beautiful bride!

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