Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wicked, Trick or Treating and Soccer

 Sunday - Today we went to go see Wicked.
 Melody and Natalie were there too with a bunch of people from church! So good to see them. Love these girls!
 Thank you mom for an amazing afternoon!
 I had an incredible time and absolutely loved the show!
 Friday - My sweet little Minnie Mouse.

 And my handsome batman.

 With some amazing cowboy boots.


 Tonight we went to Trail of Treats in White House where Brandon was giving out candy with DC Fitness. It was freezing!
 Saturday - This morning Britton headed out for breakfast with Papa while Mom and I took Paityn out for breakfast. It was a great morning and then time for soccer!

 Tonight was trunk of treat at church.

 Trace chased Britton around for awhile; we are so blessed by the youth we work with.
It was an incredibly busy weekend. We are so blessed.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vanderbilt Game

We headed out to the Vanderbilt game tonight we some of the youth from our Sunday School class.
We ate at SATCo and enjoyed some loud music outside.

It's so fun to watch our kids with the youth!

McLain was teaching Britton to throw things and I believe he got caught!
Half time - the game was Vanderbilt versus Army.

We had a great time with Karly, Jessie, Evan, Lucas, McLain and Sam.
The boys headed down closer to the field - I'm not sure what else they taught Britton! We really enjoyed ourselves and stopped for some coffee before we left Nashville. I think Britton rode on McLain's shoulders almost all the way across the Vandy campus and Britton played with all the guys until it was time to leave! He absolutely loves the youth.

Hail, Firetruck Day and Soccer

 Tuesday - We went to run some errands in Hendersonville and when I got out of the car I felt something hit me. I never imagined it was hail!
 Wednesday - Today was firetruck day at school and Paityn was so excited to be with BaBo.
 Britton was pretty excited to sit in the truck!
 I love how much they love each other! After the firetruck, we headed to the dentist and Britton did amazing. He sat all by himself and had his teeth cleaned while I got my teeth cleaned as well!
 This was in the Robertson County Times!
 Saturday - Britton was ready to play soccer again!
 It was the perfect day.

 Then it was almost the end of the game and Britton lined  up to kick.

He kicked and scored!!!