Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hail, Firetruck Day and Soccer

 Tuesday - We went to run some errands in Hendersonville and when I got out of the car I felt something hit me. I never imagined it was hail!
 Wednesday - Today was firetruck day at school and Paityn was so excited to be with BaBo.
 Britton was pretty excited to sit in the truck!
 I love how much they love each other! After the firetruck, we headed to the dentist and Britton did amazing. He sat all by himself and had his teeth cleaned while I got my teeth cleaned as well!
 This was in the Robertson County Times!
 Saturday - Britton was ready to play soccer again!
 It was the perfect day.

 Then it was almost the end of the game and Britton lined  up to kick.

He kicked and scored!!!

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