Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

 We had a blessed Thanksgiving with families and enjoyed dinner with my family on Friday night.
 Saturday - Brandon had to work again this morning so Britton and I decided to decorate!

 It's so fun seeing the excitement in my kids eyes as they experience everything.
 Crazy boy!
 Tonight I'm going to brag on my kids. We were decorating one of our trees today and I pulled out a nail ornament. I was talking to Britton about Jesus on the cross and the meaning of the nail and he said "Jesus loves us that much, right mama?" Melted my heart.
Paityn has also been going around for a couple days sinning Jesus loves me. She sings along to any music but loves singing Jesus loves me. She sings it to her dolls and will often come up to me and say Jesus and I know she wants to sing it out loud all together. I have a video of Britton and Paityn singing together - nothing better.

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