Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

 What a perfect way to end 2011.
 We went for a walk and the jeep battery died again. Paityn wanted to push Britton and wouldn't let me help. It was so cute!
 Tonight we went over to Melody's house for the youth New Year's Eve party.

 Britton counted down the minutes till he could be with his youth.

 Every time I looked, Brittany had the shaker!

 The kids had such a great time. They laughed and played until it was time for bed.

 Isaac even got to pet the "mean cat"
 Then it was time for some Just Dance.

 then Brandon joined in...
 and Britton.
 He just kept laughing and giggling!

 Finally it was 2012!

We were blessed to spend the night and the beginning of 2012 with some of our favorite people. This year has brought so many changes to our lives and we have been blessed in more ways than I imagined possible.


 This week, we enjoyed playing with the new toys and spending time together. The kids love the tents they got!
 We also played quite a bit with the nativities.

 I love my sleeping babies!
 This Wednesday night was our last Wednesday night with the youth. It was a good time of reflecting over the past year and setting some goals for ourselves for the coming year. I don't think there are any words that would describe how much we are going to miss these youth and these times together. After I went out to BerryDLite with some of the girls and then a few of them came back to my house and just talked for a few hours. I have been so blessed to be a part of their lives.
 Friday - Tonight we invited the seniors to go out to eat and we went down to Cozymel's in Cool Springs. Britton was so excited to hang out with the youth!
 After dinner, we made our stop at Starbucks and then headed back to our house to hang out.
 Britton and Sam shot people for a few hours it seemed! This past week has been full of "lasts" but I do know that God will see us through all these changes. We have formed relationships that will continue and our prayer is that these youth will always remember we are here for them! We have been unbelievably blessed over the past 20 months by them and by our Father who always knows best.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

 Today we went out to eat for breakfast at Panera as a family and then headed over to my parents. We relaxed for awhile and watched Cars 2 before dinner and presents. Paityn ate and then came to rock her baby.
 More musical instruments!

 Mom loved the Pandora bracelet.

The kids loved the capes Jordan and Courtney got them.
 Brandon had to go and teach a class so he came back after to open his gifts.
 Britton played and played with his leappad.

 This is Paityn trying to catch a ball!

 I'm so excited that I got a kitchenaid mixer!
 We headed home to get ready for bed and had one last present to open. A baby playpen

and a cover for his leappad!