Friday, December 16, 2011

Dinner Date

Wednesday- For church tonight, we went to Rivergate to go shopping for our adopted family. I had ran over to chick-fil-a to get dinner and Britton had stayed with Melody. When I got back, Britton came and sat down with me to eat but then grabbed his food and went back to sit with Melody. It was the sweetest thing!
Camille loved the ostrich :)

We went to Target to do our shopping and the kids had such a great time.
Thursday - Mrs. Tracy, the director of Paityn's MDO, sent this picture to me. Love seeing her so happy at school! Apparently, she helped make everyone's cookies!
At church on Wednesday night, Britton got to shop for us with points he has earned being at Sunday school, bringing his Bible and knowing his verse. He bought Paityn this and she loves it!
 Friday - The kids have been so much fun today. They were sitting here just talking to each other because it was warm over the vent!

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