Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

 Both the kids slept in again!
 So at 8:30 they finally headed downstairs.

 Paityn was so excited for her baby doll and her chair!

 Britton kept looking at the drum set but did not want to get near it right away.

 He went for the presents,
 Paityn just watched!

 Finally he said "Santa really spoiled me!"
 He was beyond excited!
 This is his nervous face when he isn't sure about something or is embarrassed.

 Then he decided to help Paityn open her gifts.

 She loved the doll stroller Britton got for her.
 And Britton went back to playing..
 and playing....

 and playing.
Brandon's special gift was a Bible from the kids.
 He spoiled me with a Pandora bracelet, Toms and a North Face jacket.
 Love this picture!

We had an incredible morning with the kids. So fun to see the excitement in their eyes and their faces light up. We got ready and headed off to church!

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