Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Haircut

Tuesday - So today I'm thankful for babysitters who love the Lord, love our kids and that we love! We are so blessed to have family that is always willing to help us when needed and some amazing girls who our kids adore. Melody came to watch the kids for me this morning and the kids were beyond excited!
 I'm also thankful for my husband and the huge help he has been recently.
 Wednesday - This morning Britton headed back to school and Paityn and I went to run some errands.
 I also took some time cleaning up Christmas stuff and wanted to share one of my favorite memories. Every year since we've been married we have taken a picture of our family for a Christmas ornament and here they are! 2003

And Santa 2007
 Tonight we had our first night at Rock Springs and we had a great time! Looking forward to God's blessings during our ministry. Thankful for our new youth and opportunities!
 Thursday - Thankful for kids who love each other.

 Tonight we had haircuts,
 and Paityn's first haircut!

My baby girl is growing up!

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