Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and New Beginning

 2012- It's going to be a year of new beginnings. We had a special last Sunday school with our seniors. Teaching that Sunday school class will always be one of my cherished memories. The studies, the talks, the trips, the get togethers, the hand prints on the wall....During Sunday school, we also found out that one of our youth, JJ, accepted Christ and Brandon was asked to walk up front with him during church. What a perfect memory to begin 2012 and to say goodbye to Springfield Baptist. I held it all together until I went up front to hug JJ and then I saw my girls sobbing - I love them so much. We all headed out to lunch and to spend a little more time.

 My kids love and adore these youth. They have become their friends, brought laughter and smiles to their faces, challenged them and played with them. Britton is really going to miss "my youth mama"
 And Paityn, she loves these guys and talks often about Trace.

I spent the afternoon with my kids and Brandon and then headed to watch Courageous with our new church family. Some of our youth even came out there to watch the movie! We ate dinner together and then headed home after a fulfilling day. What a blessing today was. It could have been a really hard day but through God's grace, we made it through creating memories all along the way.

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