Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hockey time

 We headed out to the hockey game with some of our youth!
 We had great seats for the game.
 Paityn loved Gnash!

What a great time of fellowship, laughter, fun and of course some hockey!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Changes

 Wednesday - we went to a community youth event and had a great time!
 Love seeing youth worship our Lord.
 Saturday- Britton was so excited to go to Reed's birthday party.

Paityn was too!

 Tuesday - Last Thursday, I turned in my resignation at work. I had really been struggling for months and God gave me a clear answer last Wednesday night that it was time. I had actually gotten to the point where I felt physically sick and I believe it was partly due to the situation but also just due to the stress of the decision. I do not have a job right now and am praying that God will show me where he wants to be. I know that it is in His hands and that He will provide.
 Our kids have been such a blessing in my life! I know God has called me to be a nurse practitioner but I also know that I am supposed to be a mother. He has blessed me!

 Wednesday - Great Oma came to visit and we had lunch with her today!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Blessings

 This past week has been a little tough with some decisions that have come up but our kids can always bring a huge smile to my face!
 They really do love each other so much. Britton is the best big brother, loving on her and aggravating her at times. Paityn has an incredibly loving heart and acts like a little mother!

 We have been so blessed by our new youth group and church. To see the smiles on the kids faces and their enthusiasm for Christ is overwhelming. I'm so proud of Brandon and his accomplishments.

 The other day, I picked Britton up from school and we went out to eat together. I love my big boy and can't believe he has grown up so much. He's going to start school this year!!!
I know this is a random picture but friends of ours saw the Stanley Cup and took a picture for us with Kris' name on it! He has played just over 300 games in the NHL and is the leading scorer for his team this year!
 Valentine's day - We painted Valentine's for daddy and then a special one for Olivia who was coming for dinner! Britton was so sweet painting Olivia's and then he also had to do a special one for daddy. The other night Brandon took him out and then bought him a snowboard (it was so cheap at Target) He wanted to thank daddy for it!
Brandon and I had gone out for Valentine's this weekend, he had surprised me by planning a date! It was nice to just have time with the two of us. We enjoyed a quiet night at home having dinner and playing with Olivia. So blessed by relationships! Brandon's partner also closed their first house since September! God is good.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SuperBowl party

 Tonight we had youth over for the SuperBowl party.
 We had a good time talking, playing, eating and watching some football. We are loving getting to know these kids better and are really looking forward to the coming years.
 We watched a video and did a devotion on idol worship. There is a video by the skit guys that we played that talks about idol worship.
 Watching this and thinking about today I realized a couple things. Often SuperBowl Sunday is consumed with the SuperBowl - all things. It's discussed during the worship service, Sunday school and all things in between. Often church services are even cancelled to watch the game.
 What if we had the same passion for Christ, sharing the gospel, as we did for watching the game.
 What if our day, weekend and all the in between we became consumed with spreading the message of Christ.
Don't get me wrong, I love football (maybe hockey more :) but what if all Christians shared the same passion  for sharing Christ as we did for the game.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hanging out with Friends

 Saturday - We had such a good time with Jimmy, Meilyn and James tonight.
 Britton was our photographer for a minute.

We used to spend so much time with Jimmy and Meilyn eating out, playing games, watching movies and just having fun. So fun watching our kids play together.
 The weather has actually been pretty warm out so we've been able to spend quite a bit of time outside!

 Paityn is such a girly girl. She loves to carry around her baby and then rocks it and sings Jesus loves me. From school and church her teachers always tell me how loving she is to everyone. Bronson started school with her and apparently was crying in his crib during nap time. She reached her hand out to try and grab his and said "It's okay Bronson"