Sunday, February 5, 2012

SuperBowl party

 Tonight we had youth over for the SuperBowl party.
 We had a good time talking, playing, eating and watching some football. We are loving getting to know these kids better and are really looking forward to the coming years.
 We watched a video and did a devotion on idol worship. There is a video by the skit guys that we played that talks about idol worship.
 Watching this and thinking about today I realized a couple things. Often SuperBowl Sunday is consumed with the SuperBowl - all things. It's discussed during the worship service, Sunday school and all things in between. Often church services are even cancelled to watch the game.
 What if we had the same passion for Christ, sharing the gospel, as we did for watching the game.
 What if our day, weekend and all the in between we became consumed with spreading the message of Christ.
Don't get me wrong, I love football (maybe hockey more :) but what if all Christians shared the same passion  for sharing Christ as we did for the game.

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