Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Blessings

 This past week has been a little tough with some decisions that have come up but our kids can always bring a huge smile to my face!
 They really do love each other so much. Britton is the best big brother, loving on her and aggravating her at times. Paityn has an incredibly loving heart and acts like a little mother!

 We have been so blessed by our new youth group and church. To see the smiles on the kids faces and their enthusiasm for Christ is overwhelming. I'm so proud of Brandon and his accomplishments.

 The other day, I picked Britton up from school and we went out to eat together. I love my big boy and can't believe he has grown up so much. He's going to start school this year!!!
I know this is a random picture but friends of ours saw the Stanley Cup and took a picture for us with Kris' name on it! He has played just over 300 games in the NHL and is the leading scorer for his team this year!
 Valentine's day - We painted Valentine's for daddy and then a special one for Olivia who was coming for dinner! Britton was so sweet painting Olivia's and then he also had to do a special one for daddy. The other night Brandon took him out and then bought him a snowboard (it was so cheap at Target) He wanted to thank daddy for it!
Brandon and I had gone out for Valentine's this weekend, he had surprised me by planning a date! It was nice to just have time with the two of us. We enjoyed a quiet night at home having dinner and playing with Olivia. So blessed by relationships! Brandon's partner also closed their first house since September! God is good.

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