Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Sunday - we had a fish fry at church tonight and it was great! Except maybe minus the drenching I received from Cody and Justin. Thanks guys!

Our future gymnast.

Monday- we had lunch today with Brandon's extended family. The kids loved playing with their cousins!

McLain is heading off for a camp this summer so he and Trace had asked to have everyone over for a pool party.

Britton was beyond excited about swimming with all his friends.

Britton got more and more adventurous watching all the guys jump in. Here he was attempting a back flip!



McLain's attempt.

And there he goes.

We had a great time just catching up with everyone.

Britton even jumped in on top of David's shoulders!

Only Adam...

We decided we all need to make this an annual tradition and get together!

Madeline and Melody.

Robert really enjoyed talking to Lucas.

Paityn loves McLain and talked all night about swimming with Clain.

Proud of this guy and the choices he has made.

After everyone left, Lucas played some music for us.

Then Brandon, Lucas, Melody, Madeline and Camille headed out to watch the Avengers. It was a great night of fellowship, good foods and new memories!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

9th Anniversary Blessings

For the past 9 years, we have celebrated our anniversary dinner at the Melting Pot. I have a book that I'm able to keep up with all our anniversaries and a picture of the year. Brandon asked me why I like the Melting Pot so much tonight. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the food but the best part if just sitting and talking for 2 hours. It makes Brandon put away his phone and just talk!
This year the AC was out at the restaurant but we decided to go ahead and brave it. It really wasn't bad until about dessert when it started to get hot! Good memories though!
At our anniversary we always talk about memories for the year. We have had so many changes this year!
- Youth ministry events: Missionfuge, Endless Summer Retreat, Unity Retreat, meeting our new youth and beginning work with them
- Leaving Springfield Baptist and starting at Rock Springs
- Leaving my job and starting with Dr. Browning
- Paityn turning 2, Britton turning 5
- watching our kids grow and develop
- family trips to Destin in September and then Mexico in March. Both of these vacations were incredibly special to us!
This past year has been exhausting and yet fulfilling. We feel like we have lost but also gained. We had to rely solely on God for His provision and direction. Change is hard and so this past year has been tough. Brandon and I have grown together but also at the same time allowed some of our frustration to pull us apart. Each and every event has strengthened our relationship and our love for each other in different ways. Marriage is hard! I love Brandon with all my heart and know he is the only one for me. I'm so blessed that God allowed him into my life. In college I remember thinking if I had had to go through my parents divorce and the move to TN just to meet Brandon then it was all worth it.
These part 9 years have had their ups and downs. We have been blessed so much- two beautiful kids and we know we are doing what God has called us to do. So very blessed. I love you Brandon and look forward to the years on the this earth with you and anxious to see what this next year will hold!

Britton's 5th Birthday Party

I woke up this morning to finish Britton's cupcakes and made a huge mess!

The kids thought it was so funny.

The superheros had to get ready for the party.


I kept feeling like I was missing something since we had it at a bounce house and only had to bring the cupcakes.

Britton and Reed took off right away and played and played.

They got more and more adventurous.


Reed and Nash.

"I'm going to get you!"


One of my favorite pictures.

They even tugged Will up the big slide and pulled him down.

Papa even slid down the slide.

Hailey and Bre convinced Oma to go.

Happy 5th birthday my sweet boy!

Best friends.

We were so blessed by all our family and friends who came to celebrate Britton.


He got so embarrassed when we sang happy birthday.

Luke and Culver.

Hailey - she is a sweet little girl who is as close to a girlfriend at this age as you can get!

My favorite picture of the party.



Culver and Luke.


Will and Shelby.

He loves his best friend! What a fabulous party!