Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last Soccer Game and Graduation

After Britton got his bike for his birthday, Paityn really wanted one.

Papa and Oma had not bought her a gift for her birthday yet so they decided to buy this bike! She kept saying how nice her bike was!

The other day, we went to the tennis courts to watch some of our old youth play. Britton was so excited to see so many of them.

Saturday - today was Britton's last soccer game. It's been so fun watching him develop this love for the game.

The team we played had some smaller kids on it so Coach Todd tried to keep one of our guys near the goal to give them a chance.

Britton played an amazing game!

This kick, if you can find the soccer ball, went in the top right corner of the goal. So proud of him!

Britton ended up scoring 5 goals. He was so excited!

Each of the kids received a metal after and then we headed to the park for pizza.

We had a great team this year!

Right before the park, we stopped by Karly's graduation party.

So blessed to still be a part of their lives.

Karly is such a beautiful girl with a sweet spirit.

After playtime at the park and nap, we went to Jessie's graduation party.

Britton absolutely loves Miss Jessie. She is just as beautiful inside as out.

It was a hot day and even though we were so busy we decided to play in the sprinkler for a bit.

We dropped the kids off with my parents and went to graduation. Love these girls so much!

I'm so proud of Brandon and that he has followed God's will for his life.

Lucas has incredible talent that he uses to glorify God. Brandon loves the breakfast times at Larrys with him and the relationship they have.

Melody and of course Camille!

Melody has a special place in our hearts. So proud of the lady she has become.

Marcell can always bring a smile to our faces.

Jordan has limitless potential and Ben, well, he's just Ben ;)

We picked up the kids and went to a graduation party for McLain, Sam and Alex. So grateful that God allowed us to be a part of these guys lives. They have blessed us, strengthened us and challenged us.

We have created so many memories with these kids.

Britton was so excited to dance and Trace decided to go with him.

Then Paityn wanted to go too!

Paityn even danced with Miss Melody.

It's been so fun watching Alex grow up since he was a kid. Proud of who he has become.

The kids had a great time dancing.

Britton did not want to leave and kept talking about all the songs he danced to.

So many good memories I will cherish.

Blessed by all God has done in our lives, the youth He has allowed to be a part of our lives and path He has made for us.

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