Friday, May 25, 2012

Making Memories

Monday - Britton bought this amazing slide with some birthday money. The kids have played with it so much! This day it was freezing and we still went out!

I love my crazy kids!

Tuesday - today was Greenbrier's graduation. So proud of Molly

And Allison!

Wednesday - yes, Psityn is naked! She had to run out and see her kitty. This is a stray cat that the kids have loved playing with. We think he has adopted us.

Tonight at youth, Justin did some flips.

He did great until he landed on his back!

Thursday - today is Brandon and my 9 year anniversary. Where has the time gone?

An amazing husband, two kids and youth ministry later, we are so blessed.

I spent the day playing with our kids.

It was a hot beautiful day.

Mia, our next door neighbor came to play.

They had a blast!

Tonight, Trace, Jordan and McLain came over to hang out.

The kids were beyond excited!

Friday - tonight we went out to eat at Cheddar's with Trace and McLain and then Brandon went to the movies with them.

Our dinner dates finished their dessert in under two minutes!

Jessie sent me this picture, what a difference a year makes!

I came home and worked on Britton's cupcakes.


When Brandon got home I put him to work ;) excited to see Britton's excitement tomorrow!

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