Monday, May 7, 2012

The Start of Birthday Week

Saturday - after pictures that we took with Olivia, Brandon and I headed out with the kids. Paityn and I had a girls night at Chick-Fil-A, Indian Lake and then Sweet CeCe's.

It was fun to just hang out with Paityn. She was so excited to sit in the big chair!

Sunday - Britton has been getting money for all his goals from Emama and Edaddy. He bought chairs for himself and Paityn the first time, toys for himself and flip-flops for Paityn the second time and this time he wanted to buy me a dress. So last night Brandon and Britton went shopping and he picked out this dress. Each time he has had to make sure to buy something for someone else. So sweet!

After church we headed over to my parents for a birthday lunch for Britton.

Balloons from Auntie Courtney and Uncle Jordan.

And all of Britton's favorite food,

Especially a strawberry cake!

I am so proud of my little guy!

Paityn and Bronson enjoyed a little tea party.

Then she got sleepy and laid and talked to Papa. So blessed.

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