Saturday, May 5, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Monday - today we went strawberry picking.

Well, maybe I went picking and the kids just ate!

They had some amazing sweet strawberries.

We picked, ate and then went home and made some jelly.

Tuesday - Kris is having surgery so we went to PF Changs to have dinner with him.

The kids just liked running!

I'm so proud of Kris and all his accomplishments.

Thursday - this morning Britton and I just hung out together. Tonight I had to register him for kindergarten. We have bought a lot in Coopertown so we registered him out there. A lot of emotions tonight and I think Brandon might have taken it harder than me! He went for some retail therapy after and he hadn't even come with me to the school! I'm excited for this next chapter but can also not believe how quickly the time has gone by. Can our baby boy really be big enough to go to school everyday? We got this book in the mail today, fitting!

Friday - we headed down to Nashville to go to Jacob's soccer game. This kids were so excited!

And after a few minutes, Paityn picked up right where she left off with Josh.

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