Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation Bible School and Big School

Friday - Brandon went to the movies tonight with some youth so we had a movie night at home!

Sunday - it was our VBS family night at church.

The kids were so excited about singing and dancing on stage.

I loved watching Paityn do all the moves!

Of course when they got on stage Paityn danced and Britton just stood there. So cute!

Brandon was in the musical and kept us all laughing!

He said the wrong words at one part and one of the kids corrected him. It was too funny!

"You are incredible....."

Bre did a great job dancing.

Loved seeing our pastor get up there and dance with the kids.

Monday - Today Britton went to a "camp" at the school he will be going to in the fall. It was a time to see some things he would be doing and meet some kids.

Tuesday - they asked that we drop them off and the kids walk in by themselves. I think that might have been more preparation for me than him! So very proud of him.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Think I Can...I Think I Can...

This week started with Fathers Day. We went to Jerry and Vickie's after church to celebrate.

I'm so blessed by the fathers in my life. A heavenly father who loves me unconditionally, a dad who loves despite the distance, a stepdad who loves me as his own, a supportive father in law and a husband who loves me and our children! So incredibly blessed.

This week was one of our busiest. Paityn has had the right idea and stopped to read her Bible. She also started praying this week. It's really just "dear God. Thank you. Amen" but she is praying!

We have had VBS this week, I've worked full time this week and Brandon has been super busy with work.

Almost every day though I've been able to pick up the kids from VBS and bring them somewhere else for the afternoon.

Each day when I picked them up they had to stop and sing. They have had the best time! Paityn wakes up each morning asking to go to Bible school!

Thursday - we had dance again this week and she was so excited.

She even did some forward "flips" and a backbend on the ball!

Britton attracted a crowd while she danced.

After dance it was haircut time. Every time I've talked to Paityn about a haircut she has cried. We've talked a lot about it this week and today she asked for one!

She did so good!

Friday - after a busy week, we took the kids to the fountain to play. Paityn did so good, she wore panties all afternoon and peed in the big girl potty and didn't cry too much when she ripped half her toenail off playing!

We stopped for ice cream after and the kids had to go sit by themselves. Someone even complemented them this week on how well they get along! So we made it through this week. I'm thankful for my in laws this week and how much they helped with the kids! Brandon also took a lot of time bringing the kids to VBS and then picked them up on Friday. Successful week!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amazing Race

We had the amazing race this afternoon and had so much fun!

They didn't like the ice cream too much ;)

But chocolate syrup seemed to help a little.

We had more stops, more tasks than last year! Justin flipped backwards down the hill.

Justin and Anthony were the first to arrive at my parents,

Then Bailey and Jessica,

Cody and Allison.

Britton even decided to help a little.

Emily and Katelyn arrived at the end,

While waiting for the end of the race, Britton had so much fun with Annalee.

Paityn loved her room!

Bailey and Jessica were the first to arrive.

Justin and Anthony came a few minutes behind.

I found it!

Anthony and Justin found the wrong one and lost some time. It ended up Jessica and Bailey winning by 30 seconds!

when Cody and Allison came, Britton helped with some parts.

We had such a great time. We collected clothes, cans and water bottles for missions.

Ate some great food and had some great company. It was a success! The race this year ended up taking over 2 and a half hours. So much fun!