Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation Bible School and Big School

Friday - Brandon went to the movies tonight with some youth so we had a movie night at home!

Sunday - it was our VBS family night at church.

The kids were so excited about singing and dancing on stage.

I loved watching Paityn do all the moves!

Of course when they got on stage Paityn danced and Britton just stood there. So cute!

Brandon was in the musical and kept us all laughing!

He said the wrong words at one part and one of the kids corrected him. It was too funny!

"You are incredible....."

Bre did a great job dancing.

Loved seeing our pastor get up there and dance with the kids.

Monday - Today Britton went to a "camp" at the school he will be going to in the fall. It was a time to see some things he would be doing and meet some kids.

Tuesday - they asked that we drop them off and the kids walk in by themselves. I think that might have been more preparation for me than him! So very proud of him.

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