Monday, July 16, 2012

A&W and Cookout

Part of me will always be at home in Canada. I always have mixed emotions about going, excitement, anticipation but also some sadness.

I love seeing family but it also reminds me of how far we are away. This morning I was able to go shopping with Auntie Patti, Auntie Janice, Opa, Oma and Angela. After some shopping we headed to A&W with the kids for lunch.

Love this place!

It was such a nice time of fellowship and fun. I still remember being in Auntie Janice's wedding!

Auntie Patti and I have always been really close, I was able to spend a summer with her, Uncle Phillippe and their baby at the time, Eric, in Prince Edward Island. It was such a good time!

Love my grandparents.

The kids next back for naps and I ran errands with my aunts. It was so nice to be able to just hang out with them. Now I just have to convince them to come for a visit down to TN ;) Then we headed to Angela's for a BBQ.

It was a beautiful day.

So many things I miss about Canada but the summer weather is definitely one of them.

Just being about to be outside and enjoy it all.

My kids love their Opa and I don't even really think notice how far we live away.

4 generations.

Next year my grandparents will have been married 60 years.

We enjoyed a night with family, eating, playing and laughing.

After awhile we went to a park for the kids to play.

Angela has one so close!

Paityn was scared to walk across the bridge so Britton picked her up and carried her.

He is the best big brother. After s'mores, hugs and kisses, we headed back to dad and Marion's house for bed. Hard to believe this vacation is almost over. Can we rewind the time?

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