Friday, July 6, 2012

Canada Day and Fourth of July

Thursday- tonight we had a baby shower for Ruby.

I loved the punch I made!

The weather has been miserable. Over 100 degrees daily. The only relief is in the water!

You go outside and it literally takes your breath away.

Sunday - today was Canada Day!

We also worked on some presents for Opa and great Opa.

Wednesday- today was July Fourth

I love these two!

Brandon was teaching a class so the kids and I headed to Panera for breakfast.

Paityn loves to pray "dear God, thank you for today. Thank you for mama, daddy and Britton. Amen"

This afternoon we had a youth swim party.

Britton swam his little heart out.

Paityn swam all by herself.

We had such s great time.

Thursday - Britton has been in soccer camp and doing so well. He shoots....he scores!

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