Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 1 Morning

Luckily Chetwynd is 2 hours behind us so our bodies felt like we got 2 extra hours of sleep.

We had a fabulous breakfast at the hotel complete with some amazing YouTube video thanks to Olivia ;)

Our breakfast companions for the morning.

I love this girl so much and am so blessed she is in my life.

Praying for worship.

I love watching Britton with the youth and seeing him so happy.

This is the band that is with us for the week. White Ribbon Day.

Katie kept asking Britton to give her a kiss but he wouldn't!

The church surprised us with bags of Canadian goodies! The best part was a Tim Hortons gift card!
This mornings church service was amazing. You could just feel the Holy Spirit moving. 15 people went up front with 6 salvations. Isn't God good! If there was any doubts about why we are here, it is erased. Four of our girls also went up front today with things God had laid on their hearts. This week is going to be incredible!

My sweet baby girl slept through it all. She wore herself out dancing and singing to the worship music!

After lunch we played a name game to get to know each other. Each of us had to give our name with an action, you know Brandon's was kickboxing!

We have an incredible team.

A group of us headed to the Rec center to decorate for VBS. There are wood carvings all over the city.

This was Alannah's action.

Jessica is incredible with the kids.

Britton loved decorating.

Jordan passed out.

We decorated and organized.

Then Brandon passed out too.

So blessed by all these girls.

After we were finished decorating we headed out for some coffee at Tim Hortons. Exhausted already!

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