Friday, July 13, 2012


Tonight is our last night in Chetwynd. We have prayed for this event, gone door to door inviting people, talked to people in the streets and advertised everywhere.

It was another beautiful night.

We did the watering can skit again,

The heart skit,

Brandon also explained the meaning of the drama to everyone.

Robbie Dye led us in some great worship music.

I'm not sure if Britton and Paityn will know what to do next week without all these youth. These kids have been great with my kids, playing with them, including them in everything and loving on them.

Britton has become a little photographer. We are definitely going to have to get him a camera of his own.

Last night after our attempt to see the northern lights, Koti felt God laying on her heart that we needed to do a skit called Everything.

It is such a powerful drama with great meaning.

Love can pull us away from God,


Alcohol and drugs,


Depression/self worth (cutting)

And of course the devil.

When we did the skit, we had no idea how powerful it would be.

The town of Chetwynd, especially the youth battle with all of these things.

Countless people we met talked about teenage alcoholism, drug use and that they had been affected by teenage suicide.

But not only the teenagers battle with this but also the adults and grandparents.

How often do we battle the ways of the world while Jesus keeps calling our name.

He is willing to fight for us.

Jesus is winning,

He will be victorious.

We have encountered a spiritual battle here in Chetwynd, we have felt evil but also have felt the presence of God. God is good.

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