Sunday, July 8, 2012

Greatest Thing on Earth

Some of our kids took the opportunity to pray with people tonight during our invitation.

I was so proud of them.

This is the greatest thing anyone can do here on this earth. To pray with others and tell them about the love of Christ.

Emily is one of the On the Go staff who came with us.

Many of these kids and adults prayed to receive Christ tonight.

Isn't God good!

I looked at one point and Leslie and Rebecca had their arms around this guy praying for him. Two of our youngest on the trip were able to pray with this young guy to receive Christ.

Two of the young guys that were here and prayed were actually brothers. Their dad came up and spoke to me about how proud he was of them.

One of our youth prayed with a lady who had lost her 14 year old to suicide. She said she could see the love of her daughter through Kristen's eyes. Kristen is only going into 6th grade but woke up one morning talking about wanting to go to Canada for missions. She didn't know that we were planning this trip or that her mom had already talked to us about coming. When she told her mom about what she felt led to do, here mom called to see if she could come with us. Maybe this is why God wanted her to be here.
Only day 1 and we have been so blessed!

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