Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Hike, Swim and Cookout

This afternoon most of the team hiked up one of the foothills called Baldie.

It was about 3 miles total.

They said the views were gorgeous.


Get set,


We have had an amazing time with all these guys.

The rest of us napped and then went to the pool for some swimming. Britton and Paityn had such a great time! They have a great pool here.

Then we packed into the van and headed out for a cookout.

My kids are going to miss all these youth so much.

It has been beautiful weather all week.

Perfect to be outside the entire time.

Matt decided Katie needed some marshmellow in the face to prepare her for the pie in the face!

I love this picture!

We have played ninja so much.

We had some amazing food and were able to just hangout all together.

Does this trip really have to end?

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