Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last Day

We left Chetwynd bright and early at 5am to head back to Edmonton. Can this trip really be almost over?

Where did the time go?

The kids did great driving!

We drove all the way back to Edmonton for some shopping time.

West Edmonton Mall - has one of the largest indoor amusement parks and water-slide park indoors.

They also have a sea lion show that is fun to watch.

I remember watching shows like this as a kid.

We walked around the mall for awhile, shopped with some of the youth and enjoyed relaxing a little.

Britton was so excited. We had promised him Toms for school and we found a pair.

For dinner we decided to eat at Earls, a little nicer restaurant.

Love all these guys!

We had had so much fun shopping with them that Paityn passed out.

Lincoln also made my night by trying on some skinny jeans.

We headed out to our hotel and thats where the real fun began! Apparently Expedia was not very honest about our hotel which had no working elevator (we were on the fourth floor), obviously the housekeeping did not do a good job (at all) and there were things broken off the walls. I'm pretty sure I would not have allowed anyone to sleep in the beds.... Joan was not happy and got us out right away. We had to wait awhile to get another hotel but everyone was great! We finally got another wonderful hotel, checked in and passed out. Justin and Jessica were so much help tonight when we had to move luggage, watch the kids and get things organized. Not sure what I would've done without these two. All the youth were great, they didn't complain and we just had fun about it all!

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