Thursday, July 26, 2012


Canada - this was a picture that my aunt took in Canada. Love my little girl!
Britton loves photography and took this picture the other day.
Friday - After we made it back from Canada, we were exhausted! I had to work the following three days and so by Friday night we decided to have a movie night with the kids. Brandon had fallen asleep earlier! 
 Saturday - We went out to eat and then to the fountain with the Lands. The kids had so much fun!
These boys really are best friends.
 Wednesday - On Sunday night we had a share service at Springfield Baptist and then another share service on Wednesday at Rock Springs. Both of these nights were incredible. It was so amazing to be with everyone and share what God had done through us. Hearing Leslie's testimony brought tears to everyone's eyes. Everyone did a great job! I can't believe this trip is officially over.

Thursday - Today was a day of lasts. Last day of soccer/basketball, last day of school for the summer,
 and last day of dance class.
 We ended today with Not a Fan Bible study at church.

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