Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the Way to Canada

After praying about and planning for this trip for over a year and a half the day had arrived! We all made it to the airport by 5am, got through security and checked in without major problems!

Our team ready for the first flight.

We're going to Canada!

Everyone did great the first flight especially for so many people who had never flown before. Britton was so excited to play with Mitchell

And Justin!

Finally during the second flight both kids fell asleep.

When Paityn woke up she had so show her baby the sky.

We were so excited to see grandma

And Opa.

Paityn had even worn her shirt that Opa had bought her.

We finally made it to Canada!

Then it was time for the long drive.

Our van was so excited!

We got to stop for lunch with Opa.

"I'm touching Canadian soil!"- Rebecca

Love me some A&W.

It's so much fun to share a part of who I am with these girls.

After lunch we headed on our 8 hour van ride.

And kept going,

And going,

And going.

Most of the kids slept the majority of the way.

We really got to the point where we were pretty delirious. Lack of sleep caught up with us!

Finally after traveling 21 hours and being up for 22, we saw the lights of Chetwynd. What a beautiful sight! We were blessed with safe travels all around. So excited to see what this week has in store!

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