Monday, July 9, 2012


Tonight we prayed for the town of Chetwynd.

For the lost, the saved, each other and against evil forces.

What a powerful night.

At one of the stops, this man came up to us after and asked what we were doing. He had been saved 4 years ago and was a pro BMX biker. Some of our team was able to pray and encourage him.

What an amazing blessing this trip has been, we have create memories that will be forever etched in my mind.

After prayer we went by A&W and met a young man named Joel. We invited him to one of our events and he said he had grown up in church and had done what we were doing, sharing the love of God but that he no longer believed. He stated he was a firm atheist. I'm going to mention stories like this as a reminder to myself when I look back to not only pray for these people but to also have the boldness of inviting others to church no matter where I am. I want to also just brag on our youth and their boldness for praying with and for others, for asking to stop the van and invite people to events, for walking up to total strangers, talking to our waiters at breakfast, the youth and workers at VBS. We have had so many people complement our youth. Lives are being changed, our included.

One thing I love about our youth is we can always laugh and have a good time. Tonight we had some great late night laughs with Alannah, Camille, Koti, Jessica and Brittany.

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