Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I can't believe that it's time to say goodbye! This morning Britton got to do something so much fun!

He got to ride in one of Opa's semi trucks!

He was so excited.

Opa got Britton and Dylan matching shirts. These boys had a great time together.

We packed up all our stuff and headed for the airport. Of course we had to stop at Tim Hortons one last time!

Britton said "mama, can we come back to Canada and stay for 100 days?"

Melts my heart that he loves this place as much as I do.

I was worried about flying back with these two on my own but I really don't think they could have been any better. Customs was so easy, security went great and they were excited to get on the plane.

So four plane rides later, over 16 hours in a van, worship, ministering, family time and so much more later we headed home. What an incredible experience this was, an unforgettable one. We arrived home about 10:30 at night and fell into bed. So incredibly blessed.

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