Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sin Chair

We also did a skit called the Sin chair.

How often do we want to experience sin because we think it'll be fun,

And then get caught in it.

People pass us by while having fun,

We miss out on fun times,

And then there are also times we as Christians believe we are better than others in sin and pass them by.

We really need to stop and be willing to pray at all times for others.

Then of course there was the Bible thumper who wanted to come back while no one was watching

And try it out for himself,

We all have sinned and we need a loving JESUS to rescue us.

It was a gorgeous night.

We had some great music and dancing.w

Even Jordan with two guys we have met, Sheldon and Tim danced!

I think they were actually laughing at Brandon here!

Jessica had my camera and took some great pictures! Justin is so meh fun and really enjoying himself.

So proud of Koti and her willingness to serve.

Love my husband and that he follows God's will for his life.

Britton was beyond exhausted but didn't want to give it up.

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