Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Flags

We had some great breakfast at the hotel and started the morning with devotion.

Twenty five people packed into one room was a little tight but the conference room had been taken!

Paityn and Britton were ready to go to the park.

We went to Six Flags and took the kids to the kid area. Paityn is fearless! She was so excited to ride everything and didn't understand when she couldn't ride something.

Britton was a little more timid but did enjoy this rollar coaster with Brandon.

Cody, Allison, Phillip and Brandon.

Jake, Lindsay, Nick.

Britton was really excited about the train ride.

Shelby, Emily, Jessica and Curt.
Preston and Cameron.

Josh, Brandon, Trace and Curt.

Paityn loves Josh. She asks about him and smiles when he plays with her!

Bailey, Harlee, Kaylee and Hannah.

After the park, we headed out to the pool for some pizza and swimming. It's so fun to see Britton with these youth and his excitement they are around. Natalie, Britton, Trace, Savannah and Alex.

This is what happens when you chaperone a youth trip!

The guys decided to do a belly flop contest.




I even got some video of the contest, pretty funny!
Even Paityn joined in on the jumping! What a great, exhausting day!

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