Friday, July 13, 2012

The Festival

The music was incredible, the dancing so much fun,

The speaker convicting,

And God was moving!

What an incredible night this was.

After the invitation, I asked Koti to walk back with me to the vehicles to give out the gospel of John. When I walked up to this car, a man named Roy asked me to pray with him. He was a Christian but struggled with addiction and had asked for forgiveness but hasn't been able to forgive himself. After praying with Roy he asked to also pray with his wife Marilyn. As Koti came over to pray with us, Marilyn looked at Koti and said you're the one that played that part in that play! She then proceeded to tell us about her 11 year old daughter who was into drugs, alcohol and had also tried to commit suicide. As we prayed for this family, tears came to our eyes. Koti listened to God's will in doing the drama and then we were blessed to be able to pray with a family it represented and meant so much to. Isn't God great? I was also able to encourage them to talk to their pastor, they attended the Pentecostal church. As we walked to the next vehicle both Koti and I were overcome. I then watched Roy ask to speak to his pastor and he came and also immediately prayed for them. God is so good!

This is a lady Sonja that I was blessed to work with this week. She was such a blessing to me. She said when they were told 30 people were coming to VBS they had no idea the impact we would have. What an impact she had on my life! We have already talked about going back!

This week changed my life.

This week i was able to stop for a moment and concentrate on what I should daily give my life to. I listened to God, His voice and His will for my life. It was so nice to be able to get away from everything and just concentrate on Him, something I should be doing each and everyday.

This week encouraged our family, blessed our relationships and built new ones.

Each person that came on this trip was meant to be there.

Each person on our team allowed God to use them.

I will never forget this week.

What God did and what He will continue to do.

Blessed does not even begin to describe it.

Part of my heart is for this town of Chetwynd.

For the youth, the children, the adults and the town.

So incredibly blessed that God allowed us to serve here.

I'm really not sure if the week could've gone any better.


I'm so incredibly thankful.

After service, a couple of us headed to Tim Hortons for a sprinkled donut.

Paityn had fallen and scrapped her knee and would not stop crying until she got her donut ;)

So tonight was our last time in Chetwynd.

At the beginning of the week Olivia and I saw this bench and promised each other we would go and take pictures on it.

It took us all week but we made it!

God has blessed us so much.

So much more than we deserve.

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