Monday, July 9, 2012

The Tour

This afternoon we took a drive to see some of God's beautiful creation.

We were missing a couple of the youth who stayed in the car because it was too hot!

It's been amazing to watch Jessica grow and develop a passion for Christ. Listening to what God is challenging her to do.

Justin took my camera and played photographer for the afternoon.

Its been so much fun watching these girls step up and do what God is asking them to do.

Koti led an amazing devotion today that God laid on her heart.

Matt even found a sandbox to play in at one of our stops.

Katie has prayed about going to Canada for 4 years and is cherishing every moment.

Lincoln has kept us laughing.

This dam has over 75,000 cubic feet per second spilling out. There are in spill mode, the last one occurred in 2002.

Alannah is dear to my heart.

Camille brings a smile to my face with her laugh and passion.

This is the reservoir that water is draining from.

We were able to drive along the top of the dam and see this.

The force of the water was amazing.

What a beautiful afternoon.

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