Thursday, July 12, 2012

VBS Day 4

The sky at 12am this morning.

This morning we started VBS with a little rap by the Pat group.

Mitchell and Justin have been acting in the BIble story and today talked about when they cast lots for Jesus clothes.

This is a scene from in the garden when Peter cut off the ear of the soldier.

Today's craft was about a butterfly and we decorated little ones to fly!

Kenton loved his butterfly!

We did a really cool thing at the end of VBS today. The plate represented the world.

The penny is us.

Sin covered us.

Then Jesus came as the light of the world.

And he took our sin upon himself.

There were 69 kids who said they prayed the prayer of salvation today.

Seeds were planted this week.

This is the little boy named Owen who came last night, he has almost finished reading John.

We had lunch and then a little water gun fight.

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